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Hava Samana Alborz , Founded in 1995, Is a large manufacturer of industrial Compressors and Air  accessories, Today we proud of our twenty years  plus  experience in the compressed air business. We  proud  our selves on the service we provide  for our customer satisfaction, all our technology are from Denmark and Italy. We have the technology and ability to design different type of air compressor, we supply screw compressor of all types and capacities oil inject, belt type and direct drive, oil free, including oil lubricated, fixed and variable speed, portables. etc.

Our parts and equipment come from top name of  European country, we grant 3000 total

 run hrs. / 14 month guaranty. On all our machines. We have the depth of  knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Also we supply adsorption air dryers. Desiccant (heatless) blower – heat regenerated.

As regards our other supplement are water separator, filter dryers, air receiver, and refrigeration dryer.

Factory trained sales representative and service technicians, are here to make sure your compressor and your other air accessories system run the way they should, we even offer 24hrs. Emergency service. So you can reach us at any time.

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1.0    PURPOSE:

Screw type air compressor system consisting of compressor, integrated refrigeration type air dryer and pre filter is required to supply dry and filtered air for the operation of weld overlaying system.



The screw type compressor system consists of following items, with specifications given against each.




2.1.1.  An independent Screw Type Air Compressor unit capable of continuously supplying  compressed air to the machine, powered by a 3 phase A.C. electric motor of suitable rating and complete with

a)  Receiver Tank (conforming to ASME Norms) fitted with Safety Valves, pressure gauge, and drain valve.

b)  Pressure Relief Valve,

c)  Automatic Pressure Switch,

d)  Suction Filter,

e)  Oil Sight Glass,

f)  Drain Valve,

g)  Non Return Valve,

h)  Starter for the motor.

2.1.2.  Air delivery :  CFM

2.1.3.  Working pressure at outlet of Integrated Refrigeration Type Air Dryer : Kg. / cm2.

2.1.4.  Receiver Air tank capacity:  liters minimum.

2.1.5.  Compressor should be designed for continuous duty and fitted with Deep finned cast iron cylinder with Aluminum cooler tubes and Low wear stainless steel Valves.

2.1.6.  Maximum noise level of compressor should be  dB (A) at normal load condition, one meter away from the machine.




Compressor Unit should have an integrated Air-cooled Refrigeration type Air Dryer with Moisture Trap (with automatic and manual drain), suitable for above mentioned applications. Hot gas by pass valve should be provided to maintain a stable pressure dew point (2°C to3°C) & avoid freezing during extended un-load run operation. Air dryer should be able to deliver compressed air to the machine according to ISO – 8573-1 having the following parameters of air:

-          Solid particles / dust:              Class – 1

-          Humidity:                   Class – 4

-          Oil content:                Class – 1


2.3    PRE FILTER:

A suitable and efficient Pre Filter for Compressor Unit as per the requirement mentioned above for oil & other foreign particles removal from air.


2.4    Control Panel :


Control panel for monitoring continuously & accurately (through microprocessor based Regulator and Electronic Controller) the data and for controlling the performance through feedback to the operator and interlocking arrangements. Built in protection systems, inclusive the following, should be provided for safe and foolproof operation of the complete compressor system.

a)      Phase sequence protection relay,

b)      Phase failure protection relay,

c)      Motor overload Trip,

d)      High Air / Oil Discharge Temperature Trip.

e)      Protection against starting on load,

f)       Suitable for controlling the compressor operation Locally, Remotely or via. Local Area Network.


2.5    BHEL will provide only connection of 3 phase A.C. power supply. Switches, Circuit breaker etc. for input power requirement are to be offered by supplier. Necessary Hoses, Pipes, Connectors and Cables between Compressor, Air Dryer and Pre Filter are to be supplied with the unit.



Supplier should quote spares & consumables for 2 years continuous operation (@ 24 hr / day basis) of the Compressor Unit. Complete list of spares & consumables (inclusive of the following spares & consumables) is to be provided (along with the offer itself), giving individual item’s part identification no, its application, life (in hrs of use), recommended quantity and unit cost.

3.1. Oil separator

3.2. Oil Filter

3.3. Oil

3.4. Air Filter




4.1.    Safety feature should be incorporated for safety of operator and the machine.

4.2.    Anti Vibration Mountings should be provided on the compressor frame for vibration isolation from Screw element, Motor and Oil Separator Tank.

4.3.    DOCUMENT: Three sets of Operation and Maintenance Manuals documents are to be supplied along with the unit, without any additional charges. Detailed electrical circuit should also be supplied along with the air compressor.

4.4. GUARANTEE: Vendor shall provide full and complete Guarantee for two years trouble free performance from date of commissioning.


         Input Power Supply: 3 Phase, 415 ± 10%Volt,  50 ± 3% Hz

         Temperature              : 0-50 Degrees C

         Relative Humidity    : 95% 

4.6. CIVIL WORK: Requirement of civil work, if any for the erection of the unit, to be mentioned in the quotation. 

4.7. DELIVERY: Delivery Period to be informed by the supplier.

4.8. SPACE REQUIREMENT: Requirement of space for installation of one compressor unit to be informed.

4.9. PACKING:  Compressor unit and all items shall be dispatched in suitable packing to avoid ingress of dust and handling, transit and storage.

4.10. PRE-DESPATCH INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: Pre-dispatch inspection and acceptance of the compressor and other items shall be made by BHEL at vendor's work prior to dispatch. Test certificates, Specification compliance and preformance of the complete supplied system shall be checked and verified.

4.11. FINAL ACCEPTANCE:Final acceptance shall be after erection and commissioning of the complete air compressor system at BHEL by the vendor to the full satisfaction of BHEL. The criteria for acceptance of the air compressor system after erection shall be “satisfying all the clauses from 2.0 to 4.4 of Technical Specifications” given above.


4.11.1.   Offer should be complete in all respect.

4.11.2.   Technical literature and catalogues of the offered compressor, air dryer, pre-filter & control panel etc. should be sent along with the offer / quotation.

4.11.3.    Supplier should confirm and clarify each clause / point as given above at the first instance.





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